Saturday, June 11, 2005

Making a living.

One of the things one has to decide upon (unless one is a member of the lucky sperm club) is how to make a living, what to actually do for the moolah we all require.

One could go and work for someone else but the most rewarding thing to do is to start your own business. Rewarding not just in hte monetary sense (althought for that it helps if you getit right as well) but in the emotional one as well. There is nothing quite like thefeelingof satisfaction you get from knowing that the twenty or thirty people you employ all have jobs, can feed their families, just because of that bright idea you had and the hard work you put into it.

An example wouldbethe guy on this page, Ben Padnos, a real example of an internet entrepreneur.

Melissa Gilbert

Meilissa Gilbert has been a professional actress since she was three years old. When she was ten she took the role of Laura in Little House on the Prairie, where she grew up literally in front of our eyes.

Since the end of that show andthefew made for TV movies that followed it she has been the Queen of theTV remakes.

She is actually a lot better looking that one would think if you only remember her as the little girl in the series. This page has some decent photos and a full biography of her. All you need to know, in fact, about Melissa Gilbert.